Whenever possible, Mr. Van Valkenburgh reviews the pleadings file in a case prior to a mediation. Pre-mediation submissions from the parties, however, are always helpful. Submissions should include a review of the salient facts, the legal issues to be resolved, the legal posture of the case and whether any settlement discussions have occurred. When a party feels comfortable doing so, it may be beneficial to share his/her opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the case. Please indicate whether the submission is being shared with the opposing party. It is preferred that submissions be received at least two to three days prior to the mediation so that there is time for a follow up telephone conversation if any of the issues raised warrant discussion before the mediation. Submissions may be submitted via e-mail, fax, regular mail or overnight delivery to:

Mark L. Van Valkenburgh
401 W. Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
Fax: (866) 759-1130